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Vocabulary Challenge

Beware, this challenge in not for the faint-hearted!

If you're like the rest of us in class, you are a lover of words or simply enjoy a challenge. Either way, this page is for you! Do you like to use big words like unfeigned, vociferous or zealous?

In our class we have certain lists of words. Any student wishing to earn himself/herself some extra credit may define these words and attempt to use them correctly in a sentence. One such card contains the following words

erst-while     wrested     amanuensis     terricolous     untrammeled     callow     quern     entoiled     febrile     repatriation     retinue     sentient     sfumato

If you stop by the classroom, there are other great lists available, however for the website, we thought we might "kick up" the challenge. Just by clicking on one of the links below you can download your own challenge. These lists are pretty impressive. As you finish them, return them to me for your extra credit- complete the entire set and receive a surprise. That's about it- enjoy!

Vocabulary Challenge Level One

Vocabulary Challenge Level Two

Vocabulary Challenge Level Three

Vocabulary Challenge Level Four

Vocabulary Challenge Level Five

These pages are also available on the classroom download section

Hmmmmmm . . . . .What Do These Words Have In Common?

Look at each group of words and try to figure out what they all have in common.

Group One:  phlinth, scotia, torus, echinus, abacus, astragal

 Kinda Puzzled?  Parts To A Whole

The following groups of words are all parts of a whole. Discover which word represents the "whole" and which words are the parts.

For Example:  wheel  kickstand  bike  handlebars  spokes  seat       Bike is the whole, while the others are its parts!   Get It?

1.  appliances, clothing, food, goods

2.  kings, leaders, presidents, prime ministers

3.  city, federal, government, state

4.  economics, geography, history, social sciences

5.  elementary, high, middle, school

6.  cleaning, repairing, protecting, service

7.  democracy, government, monarchy, republic

8.  corn, grain, oats, wheat

9. ape, mammal, man, whale

10.  daisy, flower, tulip, rose

11. apple, banana, fruit, pear

12.  beetle, fly, grasshopper, insect

13.  fish, guppy, perch, trout

14.  bird, heron, penguin, sandpiper

15.  book, chapter, idex, table of contents

16.  comics, editorial, newspaper, sports

17.  books, card file, library, shelves

18.  argument, debate, rebuttal, statement of proposition

19.  advertisements, articles, magazine, photographs

20.  alleys, block, buildings, streets

21.  churches, homes, neighborhood, schools

22.  city, county, rural areas, towns

23.  cities, counties,state, townships

24.  forests, mountains,nation, river

25.  continents, atmosphere, Earth, oceans

26.  leaf, plant, root, stem

27.  backbone, brain, heart, mammal

28.  blossom, bulb, stem, tulip

29.  fruit, pulp, seed, skin

30. antennae, insect, jointed legs, segmented abdomen

31.  backbone, fish, gills, scales

32.  beak, bird, feathers, wings

33.  drama, fiction, novel, short story

34.  a, an, articles, the

35.  autobiographies, diaries,journals, personal histories

36.  exclamations, questions, sentences, statements

37.  almanac, atlas, dictionary, reference book

38.  equator, globe, latitude, longitude

39.  brow, cheek, chin, face

40. claw, hammer, handle, head

41. expressway, median, ramp, shoulder

42.  hem, jacket, seam, lapel

43.  barrel, cartridge, pen, point

44.  cuff, inseam, pants, waistband

45.  carriage, keyboard, ribbon, typewriter

46.  heel, shank, shoe, sole

47.  body, camera, film, lens

48.  bicycle, chain, fork, frame

49.  book, margin, spine, text

50.  hammer, keys, piano, strings

51.  hub, rim, spoke, wheel

52.  bowl, drain, sink, spigot

53.  band, case, face, watch

54.  burner, broiler, oven, stove

55.  tab, tape, zipper, teeth

56.  bone, fat, steak, tissue

57.  panel, rib, shaft, umbrella

58.  celery, stalk, leaf, stem

59.  bed, frame, matress, spring

60.  gauges, indicators, meters, registers

61.  collection, craft, game, hobby

62.  culture, custom, language, religion

63.  agreements, contracts, pacts, treaties

64.  bacteria, decomposer, mold, yeast

65.  debt, lien, I.O.U, mortgage

66.  inch, foot, distance, mile

67.  gallon, pint, quart, volume

68.  monument, statue, tomb, tower

69.  barge, ferry, freighter, vessel

70.  abbreviation, flag, symbol, trademark

71.  agent, clerk, employee, secretary





Last Updated: 8/6/07
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