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This page has to deal with ethics. Now, before you go looking up the definition of the word, or asking your folks, let me tell you the defintition we've been using in class. In all of us, there is a built in compass of what is considered right and what is wrong. A large part of this is determined by our friends and families. Everyday, we make choices based upon this compass.

Now, many would call this morals, and they are correct, however morality sometimes allows a little "wiggle-room" when interpreting these messages. In other words, instead of being black and white (good and bad), there are occasionally some gray areas that allow for different ideas of right and wrong to differ. You follow me, so far?

Okay, now ethics is slightly different. It's more of a philosophy, or a way of studying and analyzing what is right and wrong. These choices tend to be more universal, or true for everyone. Now, the trouble, or fun, comes from the fact that these points can be argued (politely), provided you have material to support your viewpoint. So those of you with strong viewpoints and like to debate should like these activities. Sometimes these debates get a little heated- ours won't be that controversial.

Below are some links to some pages that offer you a situation where an ethical problem has been presented. What I would like to have you do is click on to one of these "arguments" and read it very carefully. I would like you to take a side, stay on it and present an argument that supports your decision. I would like you to type this up and turn it in with a printed copy of the situation you addressed. If you are in my class, you may turn this in electronically, or email it to me.

If you enjoy these activities, check these websites often for updates. You may also complete as many of these as you like.This activity is different from the debates in class and therefore must be turned in seperately.

Now the site(s):

Ethical Dilemma Archive- click on the number next to the preview, or click on the monthly dilemma.

Last Updated: 8/29/06
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