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i-Searchis a page designed for students who wish to earn some extra credit points, or are simply curious. iSearches are similar to The Biography challenge in that each search is meant to completed by an individual student using the worksheet provided. However, on this page the topics have been narrowed to three categories: History, Animals and Science and Exploration. Click on one of the links below and research a topic of your choice.

*Since this page is still under construction, only topic areas are available at this time.

                The Social Security Act of 1935         Food Fest- Animal habitiat & Diet         Watson & Crick

           The Mayflower Compact                   Insect/Animal Camouflage                   Nikola Tesla

                The SS Central America                   Three's A Crowd                                  The Water Cycle

           Alice Paul                                         Marsupials                                           Jonas Salk

                Sir Edmund Hillary                           Spix's Macaw                                       Ferrofluid

           Chuck Yeager                                  Animal ESP                                         Louise Joy Brown

           Mary McLoed Bethune                      One Lump, Or two?                            Herbert Boyer

                The Bill of Rights                              African Lung Fish                                 Leo Szilard

           The Battle of Jenkin's Ear                 Sagui-Leaozinho                                  Louis Pasteur

                Tommie Smith                                Food Fest- Animal habitiat & Diet         Science

           The Wataugan Association (1772)    Food Fest- Animal habitiat & Diet         Willem J. Kolff

               The Kansas-Nebraska Act                 Food Fest- Animal habitiat & Diet          Marie Curie

              Sarah Breedlove Walker                   Food Fest- Animal habitiat & Diet         Sir Douglas Mawson

          History                                             Insect/Animal Camouflage                   Ian Wilmut

            "Black Sam" Bellamy                                                                                

Last Updated: 11/18/08
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