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Deductive Reasoning refers to a different style of thinking. For the sake of this page we'll use it the same way Sherlock Holmes would use it to solve crimes. Instead of crimes, though you'll be solving puzzles. You just have to use the clues. . . . .


Here's an example:

Using a grid will help you with these puzzles.             

Michael, Sarah, and Tina own a cat, goldfish, or a parakeet. Using the clues below, match the pet owner's name with the pets.

1. Tina is allergic to animal fur

2. Michael's pet does not use kitty litter or live in a cage.











From clue #1 you can deduce that Tina does not own the cat since she is allergic to animal fur

With the help from clue #2 you also learn that Michael does not own the cat ("No kitty litter"), nor does he own the parakeet ("doesn't live ina cage")

so, now you can write "No"'s in those boxes; now you know who owns the cat















You can also determine that if Sarah owns the cat, she must not own the goldfish or parakeet
















Now you can see that the only available spot for Michael is the "goldfish" column; therefore that is his pet! And therefore Tina cannot own it.

















And with that fact, we find that Tina must own the parakeet! Pretty cool, huh?


Now try some for yourself. Remember to use a grid. To get you started a grid will be given to you for the first few . . . after that you're on your own!




Puzzle 1

After researching her family tree, Mrs. Barnett found that members of her family had been born in Bourne, Dartmouth and Salem. Her ancestors' names were Abraham, James and Nathaniel. From the clues below, match the names with the places below.

1. Nathaniel is older than James.

2. Abraham's mother and father came from Europe and settled in Salem just before he was born.

The youngest Barnett was born in Dartmouth.








Puzzle 2

Kaylyn, Richard and Margo are all in different grades in school. The children are in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. From the clues below, match the children with thier correct grade level.

1. Richard and Kayln are not in the third grade.

2. Kaylyn is in a higher grade than Richard.


Puzzle 3

A mouse, a rabbit and a tiger are called Nathalie, Breeanna and Halaina. From the clues below, match the name with the animal.

1. Breeanna is larger than the mouse.

2. Nathalie is larger than the rabbit but smaller than the tiger.

3. Halaina is larger than Nathalie.

Puzzle 4

Eric, Robert and Jennifer are on different teams. They are either on the baseball team, football team or the swimming team. From the clues below math the athlete with the proper team.

1. Jennifer can't swim.

2. Eric is a better swimmer than Robert.

3. Robert is the quarterback on the team.

Puzzle 5

Larry, Moe and Curly are a cook, a nurse and a typist. From the clues below match the person with his profession.

1. Curly cannot type.

2. Larry is neither the nurse nor the typist.

Puzzle 6

Mr. Schultz, Mr. Farley, Ms. Molina and Mrs. Cannon teach either the first, second, third grade or Art. From the clues below, match the teacher with the correct class.

1. Mr. Schultz does not teach reading or arithmetic.

2. Ms. Molina teaches a lower grade than Mrs. Cannon but a higher grade than Mr. Farley.

Puzzle 7

Eddie, Ashley and Sharon are an astronaut, a computer progammer and a math teacher. Match the person with the correct profession.

1. Eddie is not the astronaut or the computer programmer.

2. Ashley is not the astronaut.

Puzzle 8

Three racing drivers named Logan, Sean and Miguel enter cars in a 24-hour race and each won a prize.  They either drove a coupe, a hatchbach or a Spyder. From the clues below, determine who drove each car and what prize was won by each driver. Hint: try creating two different grids to solve this one!

1.  The coupe won a higher prize than Sean's car.

2. Sean did not drive the Spyder.

3. a hatchback won the prize.

4. Logan's car won first place.

4. The spyder came in second.

Puzzle 9

Brooke, Lisa, Manny and Stephanie have different colored bikes. The bikes are red, blue, green and white. Match the bikes with thier owners.

1. Brooke and Lisa have ten-speed bikes.

2. Lisa's friend has a blue bike.

3. Manny has a three-speed bike and is a friend of the owner of the white bike.

4. Manny sometimes rides his sister's blue, ten-speed bike.

5. Stephanie does not like her friend's green bike.

6. The red bike has one speed.

Puzzle 10

In order to build a school project Adam, Brittany, Cindy and Marcos brought an axe, a hammer, a pair of pliers or a saw. Using the clues below, match the students with the correct tol.

1. Neither Adam nor the girl with the pliers brought the hammer.

2. Brittany couldn't find a cutting tool.

3. Cindy brough her mom's hammer.

4. Adam lost his axe after the project started.

Puzzle 11

In science class, the students learned the eating habits of several types of animals. Some animals eat meat and others eat plants. Some eat both plants and animals. Some animals eat plankton. For her science project Anahi picked four animals of different sizes and studied thier eating habits. From the clues below match the eating habits with the sizes of the four animals. The animal sizes can be described as small, medium, large and very large.

1. The large animal is neither a meat eater nor a plankton eater.

2. The meduim-sized animal is larger than the plankton eater.

3. The meat eater is larger than the plant eater.

4. The plant eater is not large.

Puzzle 12

Ethan, Nick, Jason and Holly are all in grade school (1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th). From the facts below, match the child with his/her correct grade level.










1. No student has been held back or skipped a grade.

2. Jason is about three years younger than Ethan.

3. Holly is about four years older than Jason.

Puzzle 13

Four World War II tanks have the following gun sizes: 49 mm, 75 mm, 88 mm and 100mm. The larger the gun, the more powerful it is. From the clues below, match the gun with the correct tank.

1.The Tiger tank has a larger gun than either the American or British tank.

2. The Sherman tank is American.

3. The SU-100 has the most powerful gun.

4. The Crusader, a British tank has the least powerful gun.

Puzzle 14

Use the following clues to determine the running speed of a cheetah, deer, elephant, and fox.

running speed km/hr



64 km/hr

79 km/hr

112 km/hr





1. The largest animal is the slowest.

2. The fastest weighs less than half as much as a deer.

3. A fox can't catch a deer or a cheetah.

Puzzle 15

Use the following clues to compare the orbits of Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto and Venus.


orbit time

in years









1. Jupiter has the shortest rotation time, but has neither the longest nor the shortest time.

2. Pluto has an orbit time about 22.5 times that of Jupiter.

3. Mercury has a shorter rotation time and a shorter orbit time than Venus.

Puzzle 16

Mr. Wilson, Miss Lang, Mrs. Allen and Mr. Campbell are all dog owners. From the clues below find out who owns a Collie, German Shepherd, Great Dane and Dachshund.

1. Ms. Lang does not have a dog that has fleas.

2. Neither Mr. Wilson nor Mrs. Allen owns the Great Dane.

3. Mr. Campbell knows the German Shepherd and Dachshund owners.

4. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Campbell do not know each other.

5. German Shepherds and Great Danes have fleas.

Puzzle 17

Kevin, Wayne, Chris and Ted are married. Their wives' names are Brenda, Lois, Mazzy and Caroline. From the clues below, match the men with their wives.

1. Caroline and Mazzy are sisters.

2. Wayne's best friend is Kevin.

3. Wayne is an only child ( no brothers/sisters ).

4. Caroline's sister married Ted's brother.

5. Brenda and Wayne's best friend are married.

6. Lois married Chris' brother.

Puzzle 18

Phillipe, Leticia, Cicero and Beaumont are from Greece, Spain,France and England; They were born in 1942, 1931, 1946 and 1935. They each visited their home country recently. Use the following clues to figure out where and when each one of them were born. Try TWO grids here!

1. Phillippe is older than Leticia, but younger than Cicero.

2. Beaumont is older than Cicero.

3. The oldest is not from Greece or Spain.

4.  The youngest is not from France or England.

5. The second oldest visited Athens.

6. The next to the youngest is not from England.

Puzzle 19

Eric, Jim and Peter left class for basketball, football and swimming practice. The school secretary looked for the last names Carey, Roberts and Wolfe. Use the following clues to match the first and last names correctly. In each clue the two names do not belong to the same person.

                                                                          First Names                                        Last Names











1. Eric and Carey do not go to basketball practice.

2. Peter and Wolfe do not go to football practice.

3. Jim and Roberts do not go to swimming practice.

4. Jim and Carey do not go to football practice.



Last Updated: 8/12/07
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