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What is an analogy?

An analogy is two sets of words that you read as if they were a sentence. The two sets of words go together in a special way. The relationship between the parts of the first set is like the relationship between the parts of the second set.

For example: 

bat : baseball :: racket : tennis ball

 When you read this, it goes like this:

 “bat is to baseball just as tennis is to tennis ball.

To understand this, you have to look at the relationship between the two first words: bat and baseball.

Think, what do they have in common?

You hit a baseball using a bat!

Now, you apply this same relationship to the second set of words.

You use a racket to hit a tennis ball. Understand? Try this sample . . .

See : eye :: hear :                             

In the analogy: “see is to eye just as hear is                 

you have to look at the first two words to discover their relationship, or how they’re connected.

You see with your eye. Now apply that to the second set of words . . .you hear with your                     .

Answer: ear.

 So your analogy would look like this:

See : eye :: hear : ear
Besides being fun to solve, analogies can really help your ability to solve problems, process information and even increase your memory, all by making these connections. Don’t forget that these analogies can be used for any curriculum subject or even using geometric shapes.
The analogies on this page are divided into five levels: one through five. Try clicking on the links below and answering the analogies for yourself. Perhaps you could turn them into your teacher for extra credit points.

LEVEL ONE                                                  

     1          2          3          4          5          

6          7          8          9          10

LEVEL TWO                                           

     11          12          13          14          15   

       16          17          18          19        20

LEVEL THREE                                       

     21          22          23          24          25   

       26          27          28          29          30

LEVEL FOUR                                       

      31          32         33          34          35  

        36          37          38          39          40

LEVEL FIVE                                        

     41          42          43          44          45 

         46          47          48          49          50

Last Updated: 9/14/07
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