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GATE Extensions

This particular page was initially designed to provide unique opportunities for those students in my class who crave, or may require, what our staff like to refer to as “qualitatively differentiated curriculum experiences”. Essentially, this page offers an alternative learning environment that focuses on basic skills, higher level thinking, inquiry, problem solving and creativity that correspond to the needs of my students. Whereas the program material in class may differ in depth, pace, and complexity according to my students, the materials on this page can be used by others simply as a challenge and is open to anyone who find it enjoyable.

Class Announcements
Did You Miss The Homework?
Students- did you forget to write down your assignments? Or simply need to check them? Parents, would you like to check what was assigned for homework? Link to our SchoolNotes assignment page [HERE].
Calling All Readers!
Most of us have had "Book Chats" before, or have been in a Book Club where you and some of your friends decide to all read the same book together. Then you make time to discuss different chapters in that book as all of you continue to read through it. Well now we can do this using our website!

 Located in the message board section is The Reading Room. In this section, some of the fourth and fifth grade students and myself (along with some past students) will examine a number of books throughout the school year. Be sure to check out our latest book and perhaps read along with us!

About these webquests
The webquests on this page are a little different. They may be attempted by anyone who enjoys a challenge- with some provisions! These projects can be time-consuming and therefore should only be attempted by students who are keeping up with their work in class. A student's classwork is priority. Additionally, if you are not in my class, you should check with your teacher first for the appropriateness of the assignment and whether it can be applied as extra credit towards your grade.
Did You Notice? . . . .
If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you translate any of these pages into any of the languages by clicking on one of the flags.
Check out this webquest
This webquest will help you understand what kind of learner you are as well as some interesting things about yourself you might not have known. A Webquest of Self-Discovery
The links on this page are links that either my students or myself have found interesting. If you think you have additional sites that may belong on this page, please email me and tell me what you would like to see on this page. Use the contact link below.

Class Contacts
+ Mr , Ybarra
Click on name to see details.
Class Web Pages
Classroom Files
 Downloadable Brain Teasers
click on this file to download and print, (with permission), fun worksheets
 Fun with Algebra
download one of these challenging worksheets, demonstrate your understanding and receive extra credit.
 Roots & Riddles
improve your spelling by exploring word roots
 Vocabulary Challenge
Beware, this challenge in not for the faint-hearted!
If you're like the rest of us in class, you are a lover of words or simply enjoy a challenge. Either way, this page is for you! Do you like to use big words like unfeigned, vociferous or zealous? Well, click on one of the links below to download you own challenge
research a famous astronaut and his/her accomplishments.
Strange sayings, or words you might use from day to day without even thinking about it.
 Constitutional i-Search.pdf
Research the men who signed The Constitution of the United States
 Create Your Own Constellation wkst..doc
like constellations? Try creating your own!
 creating a powerpoint presentation.pdf
Want to practice creating your own PowerPoint presentation? Check out these instructions.
Find out more about this strange branch of science!
 Dictionary Riddles.doc
Try to solve these riddles about multiple meaning words.
You can try to finish this worksheet in "two shakes of a lamb's tail", but I doubt it!
 mk goddard.doc
Only men drafted the Declaration of Independance but find out more about the woman who printed it.
who would you like to add to the historic monument? Why?
 start your own business.pdf
If you could start your own business, what would it be?
 The Road Not Taken.pdf
Try to find out what Robert Frost REALLY meant in his famous poem.
 the work habits of highly successful people.pdf
Some inspirational advise of some successful students with good habits. Worth checking out.
 This Is My Country.pdf
Interpret these quotes for thier historical relevance.
 useless facts.pdf
Have you ever wondered . . . probably not!
Challenges & Projects
No "Challenges & Projects" exist(s)

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